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Analogue Two-way Radios

The Motorola CP1300 Commercial Portable radio brings you quality features you need at a competitive price.

The GP328 is the two-way radio solution for professionals who need to stay in contact but don’t require extra features.

The GP338 is essential for growing organisations because of its unique versatility.

GP628 Plus
Introducing the Motorola GP628 Plus non-keypad and the GP638 Plus keypad radios, the toughest from Motorola to date.

Remarkably clear and reliably rugged, the GP3188’s ergonomic design also adds a touch of style.

With Motorola GM338, you can now enjoy instant and reliable communication to keep your mobile team working efficiently.

GM3188 offers unsurpassed audio quality, making it eminently suitable for use in high-noise environments.

CDR 500 & CDR 700
The CDR500 and CDR700 repeaters offer the increased functionality, power and range necessary to enhance the capabilities of the PRO Series mobile radios.

XiR R8200 (Analogue)
Provides Easy Migration from analog to digital with the ability to operate in both analog and digital modes and utilizing the Dynamic Mixed Mode* repeater functionality allows for automatic switching between analog and digital mode on the same repeater.

When communication is absolutely essential, the impres Smart Energy System helps ensure Motorola radio systems will be ready.

IP57 Motorola Remote Speaker Microphone
Built to withstand severe weather conditions that is ideal for private security, construction, transportation, hospitality, as well as public safety professionals.

Motorola Accessories for a Customised Communication Solution
2-way communication adds value to your work operations by integrating all functions seamlessly and delivering the right information to the right people at the right time.

Motorola Accessories for Constructions
Offering good hearing protection for noise levels up to 125 dB, this is especially critical for the construction industry where occupational safety is a top priority.

Motorola Accessories for Hospitality
Motorola two-way radios and accessories will greatly ease your coordination challenges, at the same time bring you to a ‘proactive’ level of service, to gain that extra competitive edge.

Motorola Accessories for Private Security & Events Management
Motorola's radios and accessories will help you maintain round-the-clock readiness and also convey an air of professionalism and confidence.

Motorola Accessories for Public Safety – Fire
Motorola has a host of two-way radio accessories specially designed to suit every situation to provide a hardy and reliable communications link between fire-fighters and backup personnel in hostile fire and / or emergency environments.

Motorola Accessories for Public Safety – Police
Motorola accessories are built with the highest quality standards and are specially engineered to assure maximum performance of your radio, no matter what profession you’re in.

Motorola CP1300 Accessories
The CP1300 portables offer a wide range of Motorola Original® audio, energy and carrying accessories to personalize a radio solution specific to your needs.

Motorola D-Hook Earset with Flexible Microphone Tube
This stylish earset is suitable for front line personnel and executives in the hospitality and service industries, where projecting a professional image is as important as reliable seamless coordination.

Motorola Ear Microphone System
Compact, Durable accessory that Meets the Unique needs of emergency personnel.

Motorola GP3188 Accessories
Remarkably clear and reliably rugged, the GP3188’s ergonomic design also adds a touch of style.

Motorola Surveillance Kit
Motorola original accessory is designed to deliver peak performance to match the standards you demand.

Motorola Temple Transducer
Innovative headset design lets users receive audio without covering the ear.